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Hair Diseases

Hair loss is a common problem and requires proper treatment. With the advancement of modern science, there has been a surge of products and techniques that are pro-active not only in preventing hair loss but also a permanent cure.

The internal and external factors like infections, environment changes and genetic reasons loss of hair occurs. Some hair loss conditions are temporary and some are permanent. Some hair loss conditions can be cured with proper medication and in some cases hair transplantation surgery is required.

Hair regrowth cycle
Our hair passes through 3 cyclical phases; anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase. One phase is followed by other and the cycle continues. An abrupt disruption in the normal cycle of hair growth, results in hair loss.

Causes of hair loss
  • Hereditary
  • Inadequate diet
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Change in hormones
  • Illness
  • Burns
  • Trauma
Diagnosis There are different techniques for diagnosis of hair diseases.
  • Diagnostic procedures like a hair pull or pluck test gives a rough idea on the quantity of hair that is being shed from the affected scalp and the number of hair follicles in a growth and resting state. Different types of laboratory tests are done to identify the type of hair and any changes in its growth.
  • TRICHOGRAM: Special Scan of Scalp & Hair to Diagnose Hair Problems
  • A professional dermatologist can treat many hair problems and thus can suggest the right treatment helpful in preventing hair loss.

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