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Hair Shaft Abnormalities

Unfortunately in our modern image orientated society, personality judgments or character assessments are done in few seconds - be it as part of professional job interviews or a personal date. Like clothing or facial features, hair is a non-verbal communication medium, representing the person within you. It is necessary to take care of this valuable gift and protect it from damage. People all over the world are recognizing that natural hair care product can help provide lustrous and smooth hair.

Hair damage cannot be attributed to a single reason. Lack of proper diet, sleep, or excessive use of chemical based shampoos damages hair. Falling hair, thinning, dandruff and baldness are some of the common hair related problems. Whether the damage is hereditary or acquired, the use of proper natural hair care product can help to improve your hair texture and help with hair rejuvenation.

Types Of Hair Damage
  • The cuticle layer of damaged hair fiber is raised, resulting in dullness and decreased shine. Prolonged or chronic hair damage leads to hair breakage like that seen in the condition of Trichorrexxis Nodosa. Use of natural hair care products and the correct grooming techniques are recommended in order to rejuvenate the hair growth.
  • Hair fiber damage can equally occur at any age. Even children can experience hair fiber damage and hair loss. The most common hair fiber defect that affects children is Loose anagen hair syndrome. Loose anagen syndrome affects both the quality of hair fiber and the amount of hair on the scalp. It is more often found in girls than in boys. This hair fiber defect often raises concern among the affected children, their parents, and clinicians. No treatment is currently available for this hair fiber defect, but the condition generally improves after a period of time.
  • Traction alopecia is another type of hair loss caused by the mechanical pulling of hair. It is more often seen in women of African-American origin. The condition causes serious hair damage, so attention in the initial stage of development is essential. Prolonged traction alopecia can lead to scarring, resulting in permanent hair loss and the formation of bald patches.
  • The other two important conditions that lead to hair fiber damage are Pili Torti and Monilethrix. There are no universally-effective treatments for Pili torti or Monilethrix. Some oral medications may work, but only in certain specific cases of monilethrix.

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