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Dermacare Online Doctor Consultation

Dermacare Online Doctor Consultation provides you with the opportunity to consult with the expert dermatologist with your condition and obtain a prescription for medicine or a recommendation for a relevant treatment procedure.

Dermacare Online Doctor Consultation service aims to provide a high quality, private dermatological healthcare service which includes confidential on-line health assessments and issuing prescriptions and recommendations for the relevant procedures.

The service provided by Dermacare Online Doctor Consultation is totally confidential and complies with the highest standards of medical care.
The service is provided by a qualified, renowned and registered dermatologist Dr. Durgaprasad.

The Dermacare Online Doctor Consultation service offers a wide range of dermatological, venerology and cosmetology treatments.

The Advantages
No waiting
One simple payment
One single point of contact
Low cost Consultation

Cost of Dermacare Online Doctor Consultation
There is a flat fee of $50 per consultation.

Patient Acknowledgement

The Patient shall to the best of their knowledge be responsible for providing complete and truthful information with no omissions that could be reasonably judged to be required in the provision of the treatment.

The Patient warrants and undertakes to fill in Dermacare Online Doctor Consultation registration form and consultation questionnaire truthfully and honestly, revealing and disclosing all relevant information truthfully and to the best of his/her knowledge. The Patient warrants that they are over 18 years of age. This Agreement becomes immediately void if the Patient answers any question untruthfully.

The Patient agrees to update their medical records on the Dermacare Online Doctor Consultation website accordingly if there is a change in their health or medication. The Patient understands that any medical consultation performed by Dermacare Online DoctorConsultation is for the specific purpose and is not for the purpose of identifying a broader range of potential medical conditions.

The Patient agrees that if their condition shows no improvement within reasonable period, they will seek a face to face consultation with their Doctor.

By proceeding with the consultation you have read and understood the above and agree to provide all relevant information and documents where necessary.