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Paediatric Dermatology (Skin Diseases in Children)

Children are prone to certain skin diseases like cradle cap infections, skin infections, eczema infections, warts, hives, impetigo, rashes, sunburn, acne and birthmarks & etc.

Child dermatology is one of our specialties like offering treatments for pediatric rashes and child skin conditions. Dr. Durga Prasad is a dermatologist, with his special insight and skin care using his years of expertise in treating thousands of adults, numerous kids, newborn babies skin, and teens with a plethora of skin related issues and problems.

Dermacare will assist in helping your child have a pleasant experience with their skin care and it is committed to providing the highest quality of care for your child. We treat all of our younger patients with extra-special pediatrics dermatology care.

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Dermacare offers wide range of dermatological services and comprehensive care for various skin problems.