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Skin Pigmentation

Skin Pigmentations on the face and other exposed body parts cripples one’s social life. There various skin pigmentations and reasons for the cause vary; hence combinations of technologies are recommended depending on the nature, extent & depth of the pigments. Dermatologist with expertise will decide which technology is required to treatment and usage of technology may vary patient to patient. Lasers alone or in combination are used to achieve maximum and best possible results.

Skin pigmentation occurs due to various causes like
  • Over active Melanocytes results in darkening of the skin
  • Genetic predisposition of high melanocyte activity
  • Endocrine abnormalities
  • Estrogen therapy
  • Usage of oral contraceptives
  • Drugs like chlorpromazine and hydroxychloroquine
  • During the Pregnancy
  • Physical trauma and injury of the skin may result in post-inflammatory pigmentation(PIH).

Skin Pigmentations treatment often needs combination of different lasers for the best results, a remission in pigmentation to the tune of 90 to 95% is advisable. The treatment levels vary patient to patient and advisable no. of sittings commonly is 3 to 6.

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